Hi  My name is Jane and I used to be a goth.  I shared a house with another Jane in my first year at University so I got the nickname of Jane Goth better by far than Big Jane I suppose.

I’m Umpty ump years old, old enough to have seen Star Wars when it was originally released and forgetful enough that I’m not going to bother to update this page everytime my age changes.

I’ve two children Tom who’s a bouncy toddler and Emily who is just 4 months old (december 2011)

I started this blog in order to record what happened during my pregnancy with Tom and pull together links and information that I’ve found useful.  It then became a place for me to explain what was going on with my second pregnancy which was a high risk pregnancy as I was carrying an acardiac twin – a non viable incomplete foetus and a healthy twin which acted a pump to the parasite twin. A very rare complication of pregnancy but the odds and medical science were in our favour.

Disclaimer time.

I’m not medically qualified in anyway, all I’m doing is recording my experiences and thoughts so don’t take information in this blog as better advice than you can get from your doctor, all pregnant women are different and what might be normal for me could be very abnormal for you.

Second Disclaimer

I only got my act together with writing this blog in mid December so all posts dated early than the 16 of December were actually written later but I want to give a proper sense of the narrative… I think.


One thought on “About

  1. Your story about acardiac twin pregnancy inspires me. I keep reading your blog looking for hope to help me get through my TRAP sequence pregnancy. I’m just 9 weeks pregnant and I have a long way to go…

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