Ni Hao

Which is how Tom says “New House”.  I was incredibly confused for a while, why had my son started saying hello in Mandarin? Where had he picked it up from?  It wasn’t until we were driving away from our new house and Tom started plaintively saying “bye bye ni hao” that I understood what he meant.  Tom is rather pleased with his new home, he has a proper sized bedroom at last and thanks to Great Granddad’s neighbour a (nearly) new big boy’s single bed.  (House clearance – I don’t think anyone died in it, no stains on the mattress anyway)  Bedtime is now Tom’s favourite time of day, ask him if it’s bedtime yet anytime after Waybaloo and he’s marching up the stairs to the bathroom to clean his teeth.  That he bounces out of bed almost as soon as we turn the light out after the last bedtime story is probably a surprise to no one, but he stays in his room, doesn’t play too loudly and is quite delirously happy with his new bed.  Mornings are a bit more challenging for us, he stands outside of our bedroom making a noise until he knows he’s woken one of us up, then he charges in with demands that Simon goes down stairs to make breakfast.  He does do this after 6am so we can’t complain too much but it would be a lot nicer if he didn’t do it at all on the weekend.

Emily is thriving – still a small baby but perfectly formed, she’s nine weeks old now, smiling but not for the camera.  I don’t get the time to take as many pictures of her as I did with Tom, and she’s perhaps not quite as photogenic as Tom was at the same age.  And shockingly I’ve not had the time to upload any recent photos to my computer *quickly connects the iphone to the lappy*

Getting used to having 2 children to look after has been hard but not as hard as getting used to looking after one.  We get out and about a bit, mostly short walks exploring our new neighbourhood, unpacking the house is taking a long time, either one or both of them need my attention and I’ve got the normal fight against squalor to win each day (for a given value of squalor and win)  I fear that Cbeebies has been on a lot more than I would like but I’m also pleased that Tom is beginning to show some discernment and doesn’t like either Zingzillas or Grandfather in My Pocket – that’s my lad!

I’m taking advantage of Simon taking Tom on a trip to the Tip and the shops to blog.

And they’re back with a compost bin and food.  A huge compost bin, we’re going to take a while to fill it.  I better go supervise its installment.