I need to write a post of a decent length to cover all that has been going on, but I don’t seem to have the time.  Strange that!

So a quickish update instead.  Emily was weighed on Friday and was now only 95 grams off below her birth weight, which is excellent, she was also measured for length and head circumference.  She was 50 cm long and her head circumference was 35.6 cms.  She’s small for her age, because she’s not premature, but if she had been born just one day earlier she would have been considered as a preemie, and then she would have been above average.  If she stays small or catches up like her cousin Katy did (born at 38 weeks, in preemie clothes for a while, now threatening to be taller than me by the time she’s 12) it doesn’t matter as she’s just dandy.

Feeding is so much more rewarding and enjoyable than it was with Tom at the same stage, I’m not in pain from cracked nipples so cluster feeding isn’t an exquisite form of torture.  Also touch wood, she doesn’t seem to be developing colic.  Tom had it by now in the afternoons and evenings, it was hideous, very stressful as I couldn’t hold him for long enough to sooth him properly.

Emily is still all about the touch, she loves to be held and enjoys being swaddled.  I do find it a bit enveloping at times, especially over the last couple of days when the weather has been muggy.  I’ve found myself feeling all touched out, all I’ve wanted to do is lay on my bed and not touch anyone or anything more complicated than a duvet.  Being able to pass her over to Simon for a cuddle have been important.

We handed in notice on the house we are renting and have to be out middle of the month, we still don’t have a moving date for our new house, so we are moving in with my mum for the duration.  The children and I are going to move this weekend in order to give Simon a chance to pack the house up, move boxes to his parents etc before we have to hand over the keys.  It’s a bit of a bummer as we had strongly hoped that our house would have been ready by now, but we are fed up with living here, having my mum on tap to help with the children as I recover from the c-section and saving money on the rent were all very attractive reasons to hand in notice.

Right I better finish now as the girl child has done a “nappy” and I need to contain it!