33 Weeks

The reason I didn’t post last week was that all was going swimmingly well, both for baby and me.  That was until Wednesday, when I woke up with a very sore right foot,  it wasn’t swollen or bruised but it hurt a lot when I put it on the ground.  Fortunately I was able to get a very quick appointment with my GP after my midwife appointment that afternoon, nothing broken just some soft tissue damage, but it was agony.

Wednesday night I started to feel most unwell with stomach cramps, and eventually a most unhappy bottom.  Thursday was spent recovering from a miserable night, Simon who had had the bug earlier in the week, tenderly took the day off to care for Tom and I.  By Friday evening I was finally feeling better when I discovered I had ever so slightly pink wee.  I immediately ruled out cystitis and remembered that it was the pink wee that finally made me realise that my waters had broken when I was pregnant with Tom.  Not that I thought my waters had gone, but a quick call the to delivery suite was probably in order.

They called me in.  Confident that it was just something that needed to be checked out rather than worried about, I set off to the hospital alone, leaving Simon to do an quick tidy up in case it was more serious and my mother in law had to come over to baby sit Tom.  I arrived at about 9:30ish in the evening, given a bed to rest on in the small recovery ward and a cup of coffee, while the midwives and nurses bustled around with quiet determination.  Even though it was a busy night, I was checked, monitored, sampled, examined, given a reason for the blood (“sensitive” cervix) and sent on my way again within 2 and half hours.

This morning I had my regular U/S scan.  Baby is doing well, good dopplers and she’s got yet bigger.  After having a smaller than average head circumference a few weeks back, she’s now packing away the brain cells. The first reading my consultant did showed a circumference measurement expected on a 37 weeker! So she checked the measurements again,  looking carefully at what brain structure could been seen on the ultrasound.  Happily baby’s brain looks normal, and the redone measurements while still over the 5oth are more reasonable. Baby’s leg and abdominal circumference are big too which also makes the head measurements not look so abnormal.

The AFI however isn’t good, from a nice measurement of 10.5cm last Monday it has dropped down to 6.6cm which now places me firmly in the borderline category.  The baby did have a full bladder and stomach so there’s a bit more amniotic fluid to be had once she’d done a wee.  However the levels keep fluctuating and each time they dip, they dip lower.  Because of this I’ve been “promoted” to the the twice weekly ultrasound club.  My next scan is on Thursday with a sonographer, hopefully the levels will have gone up again, if not they’ll call my consultant in and we’ll take it from there.

I’m not worried, even if the baby has to be delivered this Friday, she’s big, she’s healthy and she’ll be 34 weeks then, so the risk of adverse effects from prematurity are so much lower than they were even a week or so ago. Of course 35 weeks is better than 34, and we are aiming for 37 weeks, but whatever happens now, I’m pretty confident she’s going to be ok.

Edited 26 July for sense and grammar.


One thought on “33 Weeks

  1. From what you’ve described of your care I’ve been extremely impressed with your local NHS.

    Here’s hoping all goes well for the next few weeks.

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