29 weeks, a slip and a slide

We’ve made it to 29 weeks which means if the baby was born today she’d have a 9x% chance with expert care. But we don’t have to worry about that, because at my weekly scan today things looked very good in womb-land. Baby had grown and has the head size of a 29 week plus a few days foetus, same for her abdominal circumference. The amount of amniotic fluid around her has increased as well so that’s no longer a worry and the dopplers were really good.

It’s me whose a bit of a mess. I confessed to having a bit of chest pain the other night which I ignored because my fingernails didn’t loose their healthy pink colour. And that The other night I felt really wrong in myself but nothing I could put a name to. That I’ve been in pain almost constantly for a while now, side pain, one or two really painfully braxton hicks contractions, sciatic and higher back pain come and go. pains at the top of the uterus.

And I had a bit of a “fall” this morning. I heard a crash in the house while I was hanging out the washing this morning. I strode purposely into the living to see what was wrong and I stood on one of Tom’s books, the sort of book that has a shiny cover. My left foot went sliding forward, my right one stayed where it was so I did the splits. Except I can’t do the splits, not even when I was young and lithe. At first I thought I had pulled a major leg muscle but fortunately not but my groin muscles are protesting mightily. When I told my consultant all this, after shuffling in like an old lady she told me off for ignoring the chest pain and decided to admit me over the weekend for monitoring and rest. So I’m in a side room on the gyne/new baby ward resting listening to the occasional cry of very new babies.


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