We’ve just had a weeks holiday in Wales, near Tenby.  The weather was variable but we were not down hearted.  It was an excellent holiday possibly because it exceeded our expectations.  The holiday cottage was comfy, there was a free swimming pool in the holiday cottage “village” which was cleaner, nicer and bigger than we were expecting.  The views from the cottage, when it wasn’t raining, were great – we could see the sea, the local pub did really nice food, you get the picture.

We even had one really nice day which we spent on the beach.

We returned on Saturday, setting off early as we had to make an appointment at the hospital for my weekly scan.  My consultant very kindly offered to come in on her day off to scan me, rather than us come back a day early.  The holiday obviously did some good with the pregnancy as well.  The amount of amniotic fluid has increase and the dopplers (measuring how well blood is flowing in the baby’s brain and the umbilical cord) had improved too.  The consultant was very pleased she started to talk about being able to make it to 36 weeks which is a great improvement on what she feared only 2 weeks ago.

Of course we’ve got to remember that 36 weeks was her current best case senario, the next scan could be not so good, or I could go into spontaneous early labour, but right now it’s looking fairly good.  I’m 28 weeks pregnant now, staying pregnant for another 8 weeks is very doable if I get plenty of rest, and don’t take up mountain climbing, absailing or one woman yachting in the meantime.


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