26 weeks and counting

Yesterday I had a “routine” scan, the results were not fantastic, the baby was not very active & the amount of amniotic fluid had dropped since I was last scanned 10 days ago. This worried my consultant enough for her to send me back down to NNUH for a second opinion. She also said that she doubted we would get to term with this pregnancy and that we are at a high risk of a premature birth. Perhaps within the next 4 weeks.

I had the second opinion scan today. First the good news. Baby is still developing normally, her brain looks normal – inactivity is a possible sign of brain injury. The placenta is working, her heart is ok. There appears to be nothing wrong with her kidneys. She’s fine at the moment. She was also showing nice activity today.

I do not appear to be leaking amniotic fluid, so very unlikely to have ruptured membranes. Also good news

All in all there was no reason to consider delivering the baby now, or admitting me for monitoring.

The more unsettling news is that the levels of amniotic fluid have fallen and there is no obvious reason why. They are not so low that they are a threat to the baby’s well being but a definite cause for concern.
The consultant recommends that I am scanned once a week. I asked him about bed rest & upping my fluid intake to try to up the levels (both recommended by Dr Google) he said not to bother. Drinking more will only give a temporary boost and he had never heard of bed rest helping to increase the amount of amniotic fluid.

We are still at risk of premature birth but probably not this week. And hopefully not the next few weeks after either, but with this pregnancy we’re learning that it’s best not to forecast too far ahead. So I’m not going to say any more than that.


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