Two today

When he was born it was hard to imagine that this.

Tom - 5 hours oldLittle, squished faced person, who slept and cried and could barely keep his eyes open for more than 5 minutes at a stretch would be this person a year later.

First BirthdayA very little boy who took his first steps with a trolly on his birthday, couldn’t really speak except the occasional mama and dada.  Over the past year he has turned into this sturdy young lad.Tom at Two  He’s had his first haircut and a few others over the year, he’s walking and slowly learning to talk, just yesterday he started pointing at himself saying “me”.  He’s started to show his likes and dislikes.  Tantrums are an occasional feature in our lives.  He’s down to one nap a day though when I’m lucky it’s a long nap.  He’s still not shown a strong preference for either his left or right hand but today he’s been mostly left handed as you can see.  He’s an affectionate, sweet little boy who loves to run around being shouty or snuggle up quietly for either a cuddle or a marathon reading session.  He says “bye bye” to the airplanes that fly overhead, he still adores washing machines and gets upset if I don’t let him help me load or unload ours (oh I hope that trait lasts until he leaves home).  Bananas are the best thing ever and he loves having a bath.  The first time we took him to the beach he fell in love with the sea and cried when it was time to go home, I think if the Royal Navy were allowed to sign up the under twos he’d have joined for life.

He loves climbing up slides and trying to slide down steps, he’s not very interested in soft toys but loves his Happyland and Duplo plastic figures.  At playgroup, he plays with the dolls house (like so many of the little boys do – I think it’s to do with the doors and windows) and then with the toy cars and garages.  He’s getting interested in the other children but hasn’t worked out how to play with them yet.  He loves his grandparents, he loves his Nana’s cat.  But his favourite toy in the whole world at the moment is our iPad2!.  He’s a 21st century boy who gets frustrated because the telly isn’t touch sensitive.  He’s started to try to sound out words, letters and numbers – so far they are all “Eeeeee” but it’s a start!

He’s an amazing boy, and I’m so glad he’s in my life.


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