The one where we start to worry again

I’m now 25 weeks pregnant, officially viable and I could start my maternity leave now, if I had a job to take leave from. Yesterday we had another routine scan. The baby is fine, developing normally entirely within expected parameters. Size wise she is bang on the 50th percentile, our consultant doesn’t think she’s going to be a whopper like Tom was. She’s active and getting stronger and I can feel her move about more and more. So there is nothing to worry about right now or even into the immediate future.

But our consultant started to remind us that we were still at a higher risk of early labour and stillbirth. She said “they went through these risks with you at QCH?” we said no they didn’t we were lead to believe that if we got through the first 4 weeks after the intervention our chances of having a live birth, full term were about the same as for a normal singleton pregnancy. Apparently they are not, but what is frustrating is that she can’t give us any figures on how much higher the risk is.

Purely as a precautionary measure I’m having two steroid injections next week to help develop the baby’s lungs so she would have a better chance should she be delivered before 34 weeks. Also as a precautionary measure i should be prepared for early delivery, I guess I should pack a hospital bag now. Even if at this point it will just be things for me.

I am to carry on being scanned every fortnight or so with midwife appointments in between. I should carry on having a good diet, being sensible and resting when I can. And I shouldn’t worry about it if I can. That last bit of advice is that hardest to do.