14 weeks

I had an ultrasound scan today.  Healthy baby is healthy and active.  The parasite twin is showing signs of swelling but is not of immediate concern right now.  I will have a scan at Norfolk and Norwich University Hospital next week, this scan will be to look the healthy baby’s heart, I’m hoping that everything will look tickety boo.  The week after that I have another u/s scan at QEH then we are back to Queen Charlotte’s for them to have another look.

We had a sliver of good news on Friday, the results of the triple test and nuchal fold arrived and the baby is at low risk of Down’s Syndrome 1 in 707 – no need for further investigation unless we want it.  As an amnio can cause a miscarriage and my risk of miscarriage is high enough already I don’t think we’ll go for an amnio.

And meanwhile in the background I will have my usual midwife appointments, which I’m very glad about, I like my midwife, she was my midwife while I was having Tom and we get on well, she’s sympathetic and supportive.  She rang me last week to see how I was coping, she’s a good un.  I’m seeing her this Wednesday.

Finally – I still own the flat I lived in, in Huntingdon, until Friday it was tenanted, on Saturday it officially went on the Market, the second set of people to view it put in an offer, which I accepted.  Hopefully everything will go smoothly as they have their mortgage and solicitors in place it will complete quickly.


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