Food Challenge Day Two – Gammon

Today it was my turn to eat something I didn’t like – Gammon, I’d not eaten it since Willie Whitelaw was in the cabinet – it’s too salty, too rubbery, too blech for me.

Simon bought the gammon at M&S but sadly he wasn’t impressed with it, too thin and too watery was his verdit, and the wateriness meant that the gammon stewed in it’s own water for some of the time instead of crisping up on the griddle as he wanted.

You’ll have to imagine one gammon steak served up with champ and julliene runner beans as the camera app on my phone failed to save the picture I took.

Well – it was edible, far less salty than I remembered and not as rubbery, I wouldn’t have wanted a steak any thicker than I had so it wasn’t an issue for me.  I can’t say I was overwhelmed with a new found love of gammon but I would eat it again if I had to.

Simon does smashing champ though, he is a genius with the old potato masher.

Tomorrow it’s my turn at tempting Simon with Steak and Kidney pie


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