Food Challenge Day One – Fish Pie.

Perhaps I was going for an easy win, as Simon does eat some fish – fish and chips, tinned tuna, well cooked tuna steaks but when I had suggested fish pie to him in the past I had received only very unenthusiastic responses.

Today he had no choice….


I’ve used this recipe before even more simplified to make fish pie for Tom, it freezes well.

The ingredients


Jamie says to grate the peeled carrot, cheese and celery into the dish.  The carrot and cheese were simple, the celery went stringy and bitty, not a success, next time I will finely chop it.

Grated celery

Then chilli to give it a zing, lemon zest and juice and parsley.


The fish I used were Cod; ordinary and undyed smoked, and salmon. Jamie says put prawns in, but Simon really doesn’t like the idea of those and I didn’t want to risk a failure so early in the challenge. He’ll get them on Friday as a starter if oysters prove to be unavailable.


Mash on top and in the oven for 40 mins.


With a slight delay because Simon was called into work to solve a computer problem, dinner was served.

Feed Me

Would Simon like it? To be honest as I said on Twitter this morning if I got a “tolerate” reaction I would be happy enough as it would mean that we could eat fish pie as a family in the future and expose Tom to the widest variety of food possible.


He loved it, the pie was rich but not cloying the lemon cut through and gave it a lightness in flavour and the chilli a zing, the veggies also worked well. I didn’t notice the cheese perhaps next time I will use a stronger cheddar or maybe leave it out all together.

In his own words from Twitter

This is bloody delicious. Not as fishy as I was expecting, lots of light tangy flavours. I love that @janegoth can cook so well.

A success

So day one was an unqualified success, far more so than I was expecting too. Fish no longer have the upper fin over Simon.

Tomorrow it’s my challenge – Gammon.


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