Food Challenge

I would say I am pretty much a completely unfussy eater, there are hardly any foods out there that I don’t like. My husband, Simon on the other hand is faddy as far as I am concerned, he doesn’t like fish, he doesn’t like offal, he doesn’t like cauliflower or broccoli. It’s wrong I tell you – wrong.

We are, of course, trying to ensure that Tom has a wide and varied diet so that he doesn’t end up only eating sausages that were made on a Thursday by a butcher who was born in Wisbech.

Our discussions about how to ensure this lead to a full and frank discussion about how faddy each other are about food. Me – not at all. Him – totally, (however he may dispute this) And then it struck us, we’ve held these entrenched views about how disgusting certain foods are that we’ve forgotten why we don’t like them, so we are trying an experiment. Next week we are going to have a menu consisting of food that one of us doesn’t like.

The provisional menu goes something like this.


Fish pie – I love fish and shellfish. Simon hates the thought so much that he has never eaten prawn.


Gammon and Chips. I loathe gammon, it’s rubbery and salty I haven’t eaten it since Willie Whitelaw was a minister.


Steak and Kidney pie – om nom nom nom but for some strange reason Simon isn’t down with the Kidney


Pot Noodle – I’m sure all you right thinking people will agree with me that Pot Noodles are a crime against the taste bud. I ate a 1/5 of one in Freshers week and none since.



Fresh Oysters with appropriate dressings, brown bread and butter a nice crisp white wine or Champagne (or more likely cava) – I know that we should wait until September rolls round but with modern refrigeration techniques I think we can dispense with the R in the month rule. I love oysters, Si hates the thought of them and has never tried one.

Steak – we both love so why not as an end to our 5 days of experiment.

We are going to blog and tweet about our food challenge so make sure that you are following @intruth and @janegoth and if you haven’t already got it stuck in your RSS reader check out Mere Bagatelle.

Monday next, the fun begins.


3 thoughts on “Food Challenge

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  2. Being a vegie I’d probably opt out of most of that menu, apart from the fishy bits, yum yum. We did manage to convert our cauliflower detesting friend on holiday with this… cauliflower risotto It’s gorgeous 🙂

    You’ll be telling me he doesn’t does rice now won’t you!!!

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