It was my umpty umpth birthday yesterday I got several fabulous presents including this
Baking Magic
As I’ve rediscovered my joy of baking from way back when we used to do wet Saturday afternoon baking with my Mum.

The recipe I choose to trial from the book, was carrot cake muffins. Unfortunately I slightly misread the instructions I didn’t dissolve the sugar in the wet ingredients I added it to the dry ones instead, and had to substitute demorara sugar for soft brown, sultanas for walnuts and essence of orange for fresh orange zest. The recipe was robust enough to survive my changes and produced moist, cinnamon-y muffins that smell and taste divine.

Carrot Cake Muffin

My fellow quality assurance taster was so enamoured with the muffin that a tear formed in his eye when he realised that we had finished it and he would get no more until after his dinner.

My Quality Assurance Assistant

I’ve read through the book and want to try all the cupcakes, muffins and biscuits recipes, this is possibly the first cook book where I’ve been able to say that. On the basis of one recipe so far, I think we may be onto a winner.


One thought on “Baking

  1. I’m newly in love with baking too. I’ve only really got the Hummingbird Bakery book, but once I’ve worked my way through that I’m going to branch out to other books.

    It seems to be a trend among people I know to bake, or it could just be that I’m getting older and such things start appealing to my age group 🙂

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