Date Night

Yesterday evening we took Tom over to his grandparents for the night while we went out.

We were sat having an early dinner in Nando’s trying to work out the last time we had gone out as a couple, we couldn’t remember, I think the last time was Simon’s birthday back in February. Every meal out since has been a lunchtime affair with Tom for company it’s become second habit to make sure that there’s nothing on the table within the grasp of a baby that Tom can break, stick in his eye, choke on, throw on the floor or smear in his hair. It’s also become second nature to check the baby menu for something for him to eat. So it felt weird to be sat there enjoying our wine without distractions.

The first time we went out on our own for the evening we spent almost the whole night talking about him, we have got a lot better since then, I think the novelty has worn off since then.

Last night we went to the theatre, well the arts centre to see Barry Cryer and Colin Sell. It was a positively old fashioned kind of evening, when he said “Do you remember Max Miller?” there were sighs of appreciation throughout the audience. We were about the youngest people there and the jokes Barry told were positively middle aged too, but seeing as he had wrote a good proportion of them, I suppose he’s allowed to. It was an fabulous night out though he is an excellent raconteur and the jokes were good ones so we are not complaining at all.

We are very lucky in King’s Lynn that we have to venues for arts and cultural happening even if some of those arts and cultural happenings do not hold much appeal for me. A night out with half of Cannon and Ball anyone?…. Thought not.

Anyway we picked Tom up from his doting and slightly frazzled grandparents this morning. He had been showing off his new walking skills to them all last night. Did I not mention that Tom started walking? Well he did, Wednesday afternoon just after lunch, he tottered from the coffee table to your left to the sofa on the right where I was sitting.
He had a book in his hands that he wanted to me to read to him. So far he has had his most successful walks when he has had something in his hands to distract him from falling over. When he thinks about it he seems to remember that walking is hard and falls over.  He’ll get better but it is, literally, baby steps.


Pre Walker Pre Talker

Tom is at the stage where he’s gearing up to walk – cruising is now his favourite way of getting round and the gap between supports is growing further with each attempt.  He almost walked yesterday as he over estimated the gap between the chair and the sofa but even to most doting mother could not call his shuffle and fall towards the sofa anything but falling with style.  luckily I have it captured on video.  When I get a chance I’ll upload it to Vimeo

He’s also practising standing without support a few seconds at a time but they are slowly getting longer and he’ll so be balancing on his own two feet.  He has mastered the art of climbing onto the sofa, it caught me completely unawares.  One minute he was at my feet gently banging a toy car into my ankle the next he was on the sofa, hands on my collarbone and nose squished against mine demanding attention.  Perhaps more importantly he’s learnt how to get off the sofas and our bed feet first rather than head first.

This state of pre walking is difficult though as soon as it comes to public spaces.  I can only think of a handful of places that are safe and friendly to the crawling, creeping baby and there are none in the centre of King’s Lynn or Peterborough, Cambridge is a bit better with the park area but it’s space shared with dogs and their poo.  Tom gets frustrated and bored because I can’t let him get down to stretch his limbs and a high speed crawl.  I think I’m looking forward to him walking.

Tom’s getting very vocal as well, he says Mamamama, mum mum mum mum or just ummmm when in my general direction or looking at me he does the same with Dada dada dada when looking at Simon but not all the time he’s also called his push trolley, the telly and a soft toy ‘mum mum’ within the last week so I’m still not convinced that he’s using the words with meaning yet.

The ‘words’ he uses when he is talking scribble, as my mum calls it, are wonderful,

‘ticka ticka ticka’ said very fast and with a lot of tongue clicking

‘Gnur baoog bruuu’

and my favourite is when he says ‘mmmmmbah’ as he leans in to give a kiss.