Chocolate Lover

Chocolate Lover

Originally uploaded by Jane Goth

Yesterday was Tom’s first birthday.  It hardly seems credible that he didn’t have an individual presence in the world 367 days ago.  It doesn’t seem possible that even though we knew he was going to a boy, we knew he was going to be Thomas Paul, we didn’t actually have any idea what Thomas Paul would be like.  He has filled a gap in our lives that we didn’t know existed until he was present.  It now feels like there always was going to be a Tom in our lives, it was inevitable.

He’s had a funny effect on time too, this year has simultaneously shot by and seemed to last forever.  It doesn’t seem a week ago that I took this photo
Tom in his Green Jumper
Yet it was February.   Tom wasn’t even crawling at that point.

My best friend Anne, had a little boy on Wednesday, he’s a big healthy lad of 8lb 10oz, not that much smaller than Tom’s birth weight, yet he looks so tiny and fragile.  I can’t remember Tom being that small, yet he was just about, according to the midwife records.  Not does it ever seem possible that once he was completely helpless yet just yesterday he took is first steps with the aid of a trolley and stood unsupported for a few seconds.  The video is  here. We are beginning to see glimpses of the young boy in Tom and occasionally a possible highlight of the youth.  I can’t wait to find out if our guesses are right.  If last year was exciting then this year should be a roller coaster.

It’s gonna be great.


One thought on “Chocolate Lover

  1. I still love that picture, I think I’d love it even if it wasn’t Tom! 🙂

    It’s the way the green pops against the grey background, and the beautiful texture of the jumper.

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