Can You Overdose On Bananas?

After 15 years if not more, of not being able to eat bananas and melons because they would make my mouth burn and do nasty things to my innards, I discovered last week that I’ve grown out of the intolerance and can eat both of them to my heart’s content.   Which is why I’m asking the question.  Can you overdose on bananas? cos I’ve just eaten 4 of them on the trot.

No one is happier than I, although I guess that the banana producers must be feeling pretty chipper by the news that I have swelled the ranks of the banana eating public by one.   I’m not a huge fan of fruit* but I did like melons and bananas so I felt cruelly robbed when I developed the adverse reaction.  There is a whole word of nana based puddings that is now open to me again and I no longer have to put up with childish smutty jokes about my non banana eating (though those stopped when I left work, come to think of it.)

I don’t know why I’ve outgrown the reaction/intolerance/allergy (don’t know what exactly to call it) My mum puts it down to living closer to the sea, seriously that’s what she said yesterday when I told her, and a friend puts it down to a welcome after effect of pregnancy.  I doubt either are right but I’m not going to investigate too closely in case the fruit start ganging up on me again.

*Yeah, yeah I know – technically the banana is actually a member of the sea slug family but whatever.