You Are My Sunshine

My sweet, always smiling, never complaining baby is disappearing.  Over the last couple of days he has taken to screaming or crying when he realises that he can’t see one of us when he feels he should.  He’s also developing opinions and likes, he sobbed his heart out when I took his hairbrush off him this afternoon, thankfully he was mollified by a teething toy.

In his defence he is teething, teeth 5 and 6 are appearing simultaneously alongside his top two front teeth which can’t be much fun.

But it’s all part of growing up apparently, he’s more aware that we can disappear and he doesn’t like it, unless it’s on his terms when he is exploring, but even then he seems to take stock every so often realise that he can’t see or hear either me or Simon and burst into tears.  As quickly as those tears come they disappear with being swept up for a cuddle.

Tom has also become shy.  Well shy for him which is not very, but he’s no long happy to smile at all about him.  We went to my Mum’s yesterday, my brother and niece were there too.  Patrick my brother gave Tom a cuddle as we came through the door which proved to be a mistake as the next time Tom saw Patrick he burst into tears, we all laughed which didn’t help, poor Tom was most put out.   Tom spent the rest of the day being very wary of his uncle, in two minds as to whether he was horrified by Patrick or would tolerate him.   I played a version of “What Time Is It, Mr Wolf?” with Tom in my arms, creeping up to Patrick to show that he is a safe, if silly, curly-haired uncle.  It worked but not completely, I think it will take Tom time to take to him.


He is of course, happy most of the time. He loves to follow me about the house as we potter through the day. He is getting more adept at crawling with each day. He stretches out his legs going on tiptoe, it won’t be long until he works out how to pull himself up to standing and yet a new era in our lives will begin


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