My aunt very kindly knitted three cardigans for Tom, they arrived today, they are beautiful and delicate far better than I could ever do but they have inspired me to do some of my own knitting for Tom.  I am not a great knitter, for one thing I haven’t knitted anything in the last 19 years, I can’t turn a heal, I don’t know how do cable stitch, knit in the round or how to do any of the beautiful lacy patterns.

I was still feeling inspired when the mobile library parked up outside.  I now have on loan a book with 21 patterns for babies up to 18 months.  I can feel another trip into town may be imminent to buy some wool and perhaps some more needles.

My mother and grandmother both knitted stuff for me, my grandma did well into her mid eighties at my request.  I still have a couple of the jumpers she knitted for me, big sloppy jumpers that are just right for when I feel cold and miserable they are the knitted equivalent of a hot chocolate and biscuit.


2 thoughts on “PSSO

  1. Good luck with the knitting-I’ve found it to become quite an addiction the last few weeks! If you haven’t already you should sign up to there are lots of free patterns there plus very helpful forums and it’s also a fab way to keep track of all your projects x

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