On The Move

After just over a fortnight of rocking back and forth on his hands and knees Tom started crawling yesterday, not very far and not very steadily but he moved under his own steam on hands and knees for the first time. I have the evidence which can be seen on Flickr here.
His other major achievement yesterday was to get from his tummy to sitting in 5 easy moves. So the cot mattress is now at it’s lowest setting. I keep forgetting to drop down the side and I’ve already lost my balance when bending down to pop him in the cot, but it was alright because I forgot to drop the side and my centre of gravity wasn’t too high above the top edge of the cot.

Today he spent his day shuffling off to tease the dust bunnies hiding in corners and throw dvd cases about. These fun activities sandwiched a bit of wastepaper basket emptying and picking up unidentifiable bits of “stuff” off the floor. With the crawling it’s no longer safe to put him down in the middle of the kitchen floor, as once where it took him minutes to wiggle into trouble now he can do it in seconds. In a moment of genius I “re-purposed” the box our Christmas present wine came in as a small temporary playpen
Cardboard Playpen
So far it’s been a success, Tom can see out, he enjoys banging the sides and the flaps and I’ve made sure he’s got a good supply of toys and treats while he’s in there, and I can turn my back on him while I do things in the kitchen. Long term we need to get a stair gate for the kitchen door, I intend to turn the corridor outside the kitchen into a large baby run for when I’m in the kitchen.  In the meanwhile I’m offering councilling to the disturbed dust bunnies.


One thought on “On The Move

  1. Yay! Crawling is so so exciting-but also quite tiring on those mummies that have to run around after the little ones, moving hazardous objects out of the way! Love the playpen idea.

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