Don’t Want That Commercialised Shtick

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, the shops are full of cards, overpriced flowers, chocolates and unfunny novelty item all designed to part men, on the most part, from their hard-earned cash.   All nonsense, we shouldn’t be told that we need a special day, Valentine’s Day, to show our love for our significant other.   For one thing how unspecial is it to receive a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates just because everyone else is. There is a vase of flowers, in front of me slowly coming to their end that Simon bought me a week ago, just because he could.  I bought him a toblerone on Monday because he was poorly and I love him.  We don’t need to be told to do romantic gestures.

I also really dislike the way that it’s  all about men buying presents for women and the idea being pushed that we women should expect, nay demand such presents.   That is not what love should be about, it’s supposed to be unconditional, free of materialistic demands and freely given.  And as for the idea that children should give each other valentines day cards argh! I know this idea only really gets acted on in the States but, no it’s awful.  I remember the grim competitiveness that surrounded the giving and receiving of Christmas cards; do we really want to introduce another grim competition into small children’s lives.

Having said all this Simon and I will be exchanging cards because we can but I wouldn’t give a fig if we weren’t as I don’t need a card from him to tell me that he loves me.

In the same vein I will not be doing Mother’s Day (14th March ’10 in the UK, 9th May in the US) I do not expect nor want cards, flowers, presents, chocolates or anything else for Mother’s day, I would rather get any of the above on a random day just because than because Tom has been made to feel that he has to “do his duty by me”  My Mum and Grandma didn’t do it because “If you need a day to remember your mother, then don’t bother” and I intend to uphold this tradition.  Apparently both me and my brother would refuse to make Mother’s day cards when we were in nursery school/infants because our “Mummy doesn’t believe in it”  which made our mother very proud!

So I say no to overpriced chocolates and flowers and no to the causes of overpriced chocolates and flowers.


One thought on “Don’t Want That Commercialised Shtick

  1. You will change your mind completely when you see what I have on my blog for Kerry tomorrow. Change your mind completely!

    And it’s a bit spooky, but the first line of my post is almost identical to yours.

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