My aunt very kindly knitted three cardigans for Tom, they arrived today, they are beautiful and delicate far better than I could ever do but they have inspired me to do some of my own knitting for Tom.  I am not a great knitter, for one thing I haven’t knitted anything in the last 19 years, I can’t turn a heal, I don’t know how do cable stitch, knit in the round or how to do any of the beautiful lacy patterns.

I was still feeling inspired when the mobile library parked up outside.  I now have on loan a book with 21 patterns for babies up to 18 months.  I can feel another trip into town may be imminent to buy some wool and perhaps some more needles.

My mother and grandmother both knitted stuff for me, my grandma did well into her mid eighties at my request.  I still have a couple of the jumpers she knitted for me, big sloppy jumpers that are just right for when I feel cold and miserable they are the knitted equivalent of a hot chocolate and biscuit.


On The Move

After just over a fortnight of rocking back and forth on his hands and knees Tom started crawling yesterday, not very far and not very steadily but he moved under his own steam on hands and knees for the first time. I have the evidence which can be seen on Flickr here.
His other major achievement yesterday was to get from his tummy to sitting in 5 easy moves. So the cot mattress is now at it’s lowest setting. I keep forgetting to drop down the side and I’ve already lost my balance when bending down to pop him in the cot, but it was alright because I forgot to drop the side and my centre of gravity wasn’t too high above the top edge of the cot.

Today he spent his day shuffling off to tease the dust bunnies hiding in corners and throw dvd cases about. These fun activities sandwiched a bit of wastepaper basket emptying and picking up unidentifiable bits of “stuff” off the floor. With the crawling it’s no longer safe to put him down in the middle of the kitchen floor, as once where it took him minutes to wiggle into trouble now he can do it in seconds. In a moment of genius I “re-purposed” the box our Christmas present wine came in as a small temporary playpen
Cardboard Playpen
So far it’s been a success, Tom can see out, he enjoys banging the sides and the flaps and I’ve made sure he’s got a good supply of toys and treats while he’s in there, and I can turn my back on him while I do things in the kitchen. Long term we need to get a stair gate for the kitchen door, I intend to turn the corridor outside the kitchen into a large baby run for when I’m in the kitchen.  In the meanwhile I’m offering councilling to the disturbed dust bunnies.

Don’t Want That Commercialised Shtick

It’s Valentine’s Day tomorrow, the shops are full of cards, overpriced flowers, chocolates and unfunny novelty item all designed to part men, on the most part, from their hard-earned cash.   All nonsense, we shouldn’t be told that we need a special day, Valentine’s Day, to show our love for our significant other.   For one thing how unspecial is it to receive a bunch of roses or a box of chocolates just because everyone else is. There is a vase of flowers, in front of me slowly coming to their end that Simon bought me a week ago, just because he could.  I bought him a toblerone on Monday because he was poorly and I love him.  We don’t need to be told to do romantic gestures.

I also really dislike the way that it’s  all about men buying presents for women and the idea being pushed that we women should expect, nay demand such presents.   That is not what love should be about, it’s supposed to be unconditional, free of materialistic demands and freely given.  And as for the idea that children should give each other valentines day cards argh! I know this idea only really gets acted on in the States but, no it’s awful.  I remember the grim competitiveness that surrounded the giving and receiving of Christmas cards; do we really want to introduce another grim competition into small children’s lives.

Having said all this Simon and I will be exchanging cards because we can but I wouldn’t give a fig if we weren’t as I don’t need a card from him to tell me that he loves me.

In the same vein I will not be doing Mother’s Day (14th March ’10 in the UK, 9th May in the US) I do not expect nor want cards, flowers, presents, chocolates or anything else for Mother’s day, I would rather get any of the above on a random day just because than because Tom has been made to feel that he has to “do his duty by me”  My Mum and Grandma didn’t do it because “If you need a day to remember your mother, then don’t bother” and I intend to uphold this tradition.  Apparently both me and my brother would refuse to make Mother’s day cards when we were in nursery school/infants because our “Mummy doesn’t believe in it”  which made our mother very proud!

So I say no to overpriced chocolates and flowers and no to the causes of overpriced chocolates and flowers.


I’d intended to blog about weaning Tom but I’ve been sick with a stomach bug so right now the last thing I want to do is discuss food. It came on yesterday evening and I spent a rather unpleasant night either in the loo or sleeping fitfully. Simon had to take on baby wrangling duties, Tom was fed formula when he woke up as I was in no fit state to do it myself.

Today I’ve been recovering, just during pregnancy I’ve felt very nausous today but haven’t actually been sick. We were supposed to go out this evening to celebrate Simon’s birthday but we had to cancel our reservation and we were supposed to have guests this weekend but I’ve had to put them off. Really the whole weekend has turned out to be a washout and I had been looking forward to it ever since I booked the resturant.


There are moves afoot on Facebook to organise a 25th year reunion for my High School Class Year.  I would love to go, I had a great year there and I remember the people I was at school with, with great fondness.   But this isn’t the high school I took my O and A levels at rather the one I attended for a year when we lived in America.  Which will make it a bit more expensive than a long weekend in Harrogate. On the plus side I was in the class of 86 so we would have a whole year to save up for the flights, car hire and hotels (sadly it looks like all my friends have moved away from Syracuse).  Right now it’s just a pipe dream and could well remain that way, there are so many things to put the kibosh on it, but a girl can dream can’t she?