Bedtime for sleepy heads

Tonight we gave Tom a bath at half eight, Simon dried him I then fed him. He was asleep half way through the first boobie, although that didn’t stop him finishing it and then the second in his sleep. He slept though being winded as well, being tucked up and kissed good night by two minutes to nine.

A little while later…

I may have started typing a bit too soon as there was a wail a few minutes ago but he calmed down almost immediately and didn’t mind me putting him back down in the cot and I’ve not heard a peep since.



It seems I was hoist by my own petard and you would have thought that by now I know that just because my son falls asleep on the boobie it doesn’t mean that he is full.  It only slowly dawned on me that possibly he might still be hungry.  Which he was.  The true sign that Tom has had enough is when he purses his lips together and refuses all attempts I make to get him to try a little more mummy juice.


3 thoughts on “Bedtime for sleepy heads

  1. Jane, of course you should know by now that simply because a boy falls asleep on the boobie doesn’t mean he’s done with it… =)
    My sons never seemed to get a hold of (or should I say latch on? ) breastfeeding. I have always wondered myself how a mother knew not only when the child was finished, but how much they were really getting? Our youngest took to it for a very little while and we were told that to know how much is going in one end, we should simply monitor what is coming out the other. Which to me just didn’t seem as straight forward as having a bottle with a gauge on it…

  2. I will sometimes touch my babies’ faces to get them to stay awake enough to eat. The problem of not knowing how much they are getting is the main downside of breastfeeding as far as I am concerned.

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