Bedtime for sleepy heads

Tonight we gave Tom a bath at half eight, Simon dried him I then fed him. He was asleep half way through the first boobie, although that didn’t stop him finishing it and then the second in his sleep. He slept though being winded as well, being tucked up and kissed good night by two minutes to nine.

A little while later…

I may have started typing a bit too soon as there was a wail a few minutes ago but he calmed down almost immediately and didn’t mind me putting him back down in the cot and I’ve not heard a peep since.



It seems I was hoist by my own petard and you would have thought that by now I know that just because my son falls asleep on the boobie it doesn’t mean that he is full.  It only slowly dawned on me that possibly he might still be hungry.  Which he was.  The true sign that Tom has had enough is when he purses his lips together and refuses all attempts I make to get him to try a little more mummy juice.



Tom will be three months old on Saturday, he’s big, hale and hearty and a bit erratic as to where he gets his sleep.  He will quite happily go without daytime naps one day then sleep for most of the time in his pram when I go for the day out with one of his Grandmas.

Night time he is more regular, he normally sleeps for between 5 and half hours to 6 and a half hours and has pretty much done so since his first night at home.  Even with the colic.  But his natural bedtime has only crept forward very slowly currently it is residing at about 10:30ish which is often past my own bed time.  So now that the colic appears to be over, we’ve started to seriously aim at moving his bedtime forward so that we can be adults again in the evening.

Tonight was the first night I’d decided on the basis that I can’t do a full blown controlled crying or crying it out or what ever you want to call it, that we would follow the Miriam Stoppard method of setting a sleep routine.  Leaving him for a short while to see if he will settle if he doesn’t go in calm him down then leaving him for a short while again.  He was in bed by 9:10 and cried on and off until 9:35 ish.  We both trooped in and out of the bed room soothing him at regular intervals neither of us got particularly stressed and now all I’m hearing is blissful silence from the bedroom.

Hopefully by the end of the month he’ll have a regular bedtime of about 7ish and the night will be ours again.

Scary Massive Baby Head Fortunately Asleep.

Scary Massive Baby Head Fortunately Asleep.

I am positively delirious at the thought of all the TV series I can fall asleep in front of in an unhurried and leisurely method.