Labour Day

I guess I’ve been in labour all day,  I’ve been having contractions, my waters have broken, there is evidence of “show” however it feels more like a day of grumbling period pain, she types as a painful contraction sweeps in.   The contractions got to about 15 minutes apart after say 7 hours of organised labour before they trickled away and I’m back to irregular contractions that don’t seem to be doing anything.

It looks very much like I will be induced tomorrow morning which will be a pity as having a drip will severly limit how active I can be and probably put the kibosh on any chance I have of the birthing pool.  But the most important thing is not how the baby is delivered rather that he is delivered safely and healthily for the both of us so rather than fight it we’ll see what we can do within the restrictions.

But we’ve got over twelve hours before that decision is made and a lot of things can happen overnight.


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