D-Day +2

Still pregnant, had one painful contraction today but nothing else of note has happened except I emptied out and cleaned two handbags. That could possibly be construed as nesting as I never clean handbags normally and the only time I empty them out is either when I am desperately trying to find an important bit of paper/keys/money/lighter (back in the days when I smoked) or when I’m doing the empty out before I chuck the bag away. Other than that, it’s been a lovely day if too hot in the sun – So I stayed inside.


One thought on “D-Day +2

  1. It would obviously be a stupid thing for me to say just relax and let it happen when it happens, in “a watched pot never boils” kind of way… But there’s not a lot else one can do! Just keep as comfortable as you can while not being too far away from hospital!
    And nesting is not a bad thing, really… It can get weird, but as long as it keeps your mind busy!
    …and yeah, I’m with you about the heat… it’s 26 here today! Forecasted to be 28 tommorow! Yuck! I think I’ll go to the movie… let them pay for the air conditioning…
    THAT’S IT! Go to a movie at a theatre! Hardly scientific, but you know how the phone always rings right when you get in the tub? Well with that logic, if you can call it that, right when the movie gets good, the baby will come!

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