False Alarm

I was woken up this morning at 5 am by a contraction and then I had another one about 15 minutes later and then another about 12 minutes after that.  They were painful enough that they stopped me in my tracks and made me catch my breath but not enough to stop me speaking which is the midwives gold standard for “come into hospital now” the other one is waters breaking (which hasn’t happened).  I gave it a while before waking Simon at about 6.30 to tell him I thought I had started.  And then the contractions started to change, they got closer together 5 mins apart and weren’t really going away however pain wise they weren’t getting stronger.  Finally they started to subside so by the time Simon should go into work I was quite happy to wave him off.

If I am sitting down, I’m quite comfortable except for the baby voguing like mad, but walking around I get twinges and pains.  I’ve got an appointment with the midwife this afternoon we shall see what she thinks.


4 thoughts on “False Alarm

  1. OH how I hated the false alarm! It’s getting pretty exciting now though! A friend of mine just went through a week of his wife being dilated to 3 cm’s and now FINALLY this morning at 3:30am the little guy decided he’d had enough prep time and they went once again to the hospital!
    Good luck Jane!

  2. It arrived just yesterday! Little baby boy! He took her out for a ride in his Dodge Charger and she suddenly went into labour! It’s their second child and he said that worked last time as well!

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