39 Weeks or One Week Until Due Date or AKA The Long Wait

My due date is in 6 days time, it might as well be never never for all it has any meaning except as setting the backstop date for an induced labour.

I am now beginning to believe that I have been pregnant for ever and will be pregnant for ever more.  We saw a couple of very small babies being carried around the DIY shop today, they must have been delivered by storks because there is no way that this pregnancy thing actually can end in child birth.

So apart from feeling a little bit mad, I think I am ok, my heartburn is beginning to subside which is nice but the feeling of general uncomfortableness is increasing and I am becoming even less mobile or limber than before.   We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by sitting out in the garden reading books, having bbqs and generally enjoying the peace while we still have it.   I bought a couple of sun loungers back in April, I tested them out in back then and, could without too much difficulty get off them, now the only way I can reach standing is to roll off the lounger into a kneeling position on the grass and then haul myself up.   Elegant I aint.  Because of my huge if not ginormous belly I can no longer reach down to rub sunscreen into my legs properly so Simon had to do it for me and then wash my legs when I was in the bath. I don’t even bother to soap up my legs or feet when I’m in the shower I just aim the spray at my lower half, I’m too scared I’ll topple over if I was to bend down and I’m not trying any standing on one foot foolishness this late in the game.

I’m getting twinges everyday now as I said in my last post, I think the most annoying thing about them is the hope that they may actually be the real thing starting up and then the disappointment that they turn out not to be.

I think Tuesday would be a good day to have the baby as according to BBC weather forcast it’s going to be cold and miserable that day so a perfect day to be stuck indoors.


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