38 Week Midwife’s Appointment

I saw the midwife for my 38 week appointment yesterday.  The first thing she said to me was “You look fed up with it all” Which would be just about right I am fed up with it all.  However I shouldn’t complain because allowing for swollen ankles and feet, complaining back muscles and bitching acid reflux which I think we can set aside, I am very picture of maternal health.   My blood pressure is excellent, my urine is protein, blood and glucose free and according to some my coat is glossy and my nose damp.

Jnr appears to be in tip top position as well, he’s still kicking away like a junior Johnny Wilkinson, he’s measuring bang on for dates and is just about in the “starting blocks” for birth.  The head is still 3/5ths engaged which is a tad disappointing I was hoping that it might of sunk down a little lower, would have reduced the heartburn for one.

I’ve started to have painful “practice” contractions, they are very irregular I didn’t have any yesterday but I had two today and last Friday for about an hour I was beginning to think that I might be starting labour.  Today’s were about 8 hours apart and very different in nature the one in the morning lasted for about 5 minutes and felt like the whole of my stomach was being compressed and pushed down on.  The one I had this afternoon felt like a heavy period cramp but only lasted for a minute at the most.    With such variation and long gaps between them I don’t think I need get excited right now.

Simon took a calculated risk that we wouldn’t be otherwise engaged today and had a wisdom tooth removed and filling put in.  For the last few weeks he’s been in intermittent pain, sometimes he’s not been able to sleep because of his toothache, so about 2 weeks ago he took himself off to the dentist who said the wisdom tooth had to come out because it wasn’t doing anything useful and decaying and ooh lookey that other tooth needs a filling.

The tooth was removed under local anaesthetic and before that wore off the worst side effect was Simon’s igor impression but as the pain has come in, he’s become pretty down in the dumps.  He’s got my symathy, I’ve never had a tooth removed and I’ve only ever had one filling but I’ve suffered muchly with earache over the years so I know how miserable pain in that general area can be.  So perhaps it we don’t any baby turning up this weekend not if the Daddy is going to be a tiger with a sore jaw.


3 thoughts on “38 Week Midwife’s Appointment

  1. The worst thing about Kerry giving birth was the really uncomfortable chairs in the maternity ward. oh sure, Kerry was in a bit of pain. But at least she had a nice bed to lie on.

    We fathers suffer so much in silence you knw.

  2. I gave birth at 36 weeks, so escaped the final month of pregnancy hell…which always sounds so incredibly unpleasant. Wishing you rest and relaxation (as much as is possible anyway) before the big day.

  3. Dan – Yep so I’ve heard from many a dad, the mothers however beg to differ 😉

    Becca – Thanks I’m working hard at the relaxation bit, but the rest seems to come in drips and draps.

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