Boobie Squeezing

I had my hospital appointment today, it went well, far better than I had expected when I blogged the other day. My worries about the appointment started to disappear as I read the leaflet that the nurse had thrust into my hand when I made myself known to reception. It wasn’t all about cancers and other scary things.

After giving the consultant a potted history of the trials and tribulations of my right boobie and having it prodded and squidged for good measure the consultant was happy that, as it is now, it shouldn’t stop me from breastfeeding. However, he told me, there was no way to tell whether the cyst was in a milk duct or whether it was in the lower part of the skin, also there was nothing he could do right now to fix it.  Antibiotics were out because only one I could take didn’t work and removing the cyst by surgery would stop me from breast feeding.

Just in case it could through more light on the position and state of the cyst I had an ultrasound done on my nipple, which was fascinating because the milk ducts showed up as large black voids ready and waiting to do their stuff.  But the ultrasound didn’t show up anything cyst wise.

I’ve got to go back in six weeks so that the consultant can see how the cyst/abscess is behaving while I am breastfeeding but ultimately if I want it permanently fixed we are going to have to wait until after Jnr is weaned off the bosom.


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