38 Weeks

And I am bored to the back teeth with being pregnant, or rather I am fed up with all the down sides of being pregnant:  no strength, feeling tired all the time, acid reflux, no smoked salmon or sushi, ankles the size of pocket battle cruisers and hormones that can make me cry at the stupidest littlest thing.   I still really rather enjoy the feeling of junior moving around inside of me and the thought that I am growing him as I sit here typing but I wouldn’t mind seeing him now so I can check if I’ve done a good job or not.

In order to fight the discomfort I’ve taken to having long baths although the water does not cover my bump it soothes my poor abused back muscles.  The down side of this is that my legs have got very itchy and dry, I think I’m beginning to wash away essential oils.  So purely in the interests of science tonight when I had a bath I added a  good dollop of baby oil to see if that would halt the leaching away of the skin’s oil.  So far, and I’ve only been out of the bath about half an hour it seems to be working.   I am pretty sure that it is because the baths are drying my skin rather than anything more sinister because I’m only itchy where I’ve been in the water the most and my blood pressure and other measurements and been reassuringly normal plus the itching isn’t actually that bad.

At my last midwife’s appointment, 36 weeks, the baby’s head was 3/5ths engaged so we can expect a baby to appear sometime in the next month.   I’ve got another midwife’s appointment this Wednesday so we’ll see how much further he’s sunk by then.

I also have an appointment with the breast clinic at the hospital on Tuesday.  To cut a very long story short I have had three abscesses under my right nipple over the last 11 years or rather the same abscess site has flaired up three times, the most recent occasion being just after the doctor put me on antibiotics to nix the chances of there being any underlying infection within the scar tissue left by the abscess.  That was about 6 weeks ago, three weeks of being on the only antibiotic he could give me, the rest were ruled out by pregnancy and my previous bad reactions, have not helped, so he has referred me up to the breast clinic.  I am a bit doubtful as to whether they can help me or not because they are geared up to dealing with cancers, I’m pretty damn sure this is not cancer what  I want to know is whether this is going to stop me breastfeeding? Can it be got rid of and why the heck should I be suffering from what is effectively mastitis even before my milk comes in?

Tuesday could be very interesting.


2 thoughts on “38 Weeks

    • Twenty Four hours (ish) after the first baby oil and water bath I can happily say that I had considerably more comfortable skin all day. I hope it works for you too.

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