Due Date + 1

I was in a really bad mood yesterday, I felt uncomfortable, tired and inconvenienced all day.  It didn’t help that after an early morning bath I decided to slather myself with a body lotion that I hadn’t used in a while.  Because in that while it appears that my skin has become sensitive to it and within a minute my legs, arms and belly were burning.  I ended up taking a very long lukewarm shower in order to get the body lotion off and remove the heat from my skin.  It was pretty unpleasant.  I had a wee bit of a heat rash (I always get some on the back of my hands when the temperature goes above 17C)  before but now my arms are almost completely covered with tiny blisters.  It’s not a good look.

So I was really not in a good mood.  But today was better, much better, I got what was a comparatively good night’s sleep last night and though my arms and legs are still spotty they are not really itchy.  The weather has been beautiful, we had a lovely time dropping in on my in laws as it is their 40th wedding anniversary today.  Then we did a bit of DIY shopping and food shopping and took it very easy before having a gentle sit out in the garden in the late afternoon, under the shade of the garden parasol.  Finally we had another bbq, steaks with chilli rub, lime and coriander marinated chicken skewers, salad and corn on the cob.  The steaks were supposed to be small but they were huge, the size of side plates.   It was all very good but our eyes were probably a bit bigger than our stomachs however nothing is going to waste as I’ve got chicken skewers for lunch tomorrow :).

Baby wise, nothing much happened today, a few braxton hicks, he’s been pretty active during the day but that’s about it.  We’ll see if anything happens tomorrow.


More Baby Clothes

Simon built it and I have been trying to fill it.

Starter for 6 months

Starter for 6 months

And the draws under the changing the table are stuffed to gunwales with clothes for 6 months onwards.Changing table

False Alarm

I was woken up this morning at 5 am by a contraction and then I had another one about 15 minutes later and then another about 12 minutes after that.  They were painful enough that they stopped me in my tracks and made me catch my breath but not enough to stop me speaking which is the midwives gold standard for “come into hospital now” the other one is waters breaking (which hasn’t happened).  I gave it a while before waking Simon at about 6.30 to tell him I thought I had started.  And then the contractions started to change, they got closer together 5 mins apart and weren’t really going away however pain wise they weren’t getting stronger.  Finally they started to subside so by the time Simon should go into work I was quite happy to wave him off.

If I am sitting down, I’m quite comfortable except for the baby voguing like mad, but walking around I get twinges and pains.  I’ve got an appointment with the midwife this afternoon we shall see what she thinks.

Baby Clothes

I got a phone call this afternoon from our next door neighbour, they were clearing out their loft and had 7 suitcases of baby clothes would we like some of them.  We were round there in like a shot.  A lot of the clothes were only ready for rags which is fair enough considering the generations of hand me downs there were, but there was still very good picking and one pair of trousers still had the price label on it.   We still came away with 2 full bin bags of clothes (and a pair of dinkie wellies) all sizes up to about two years.   Looking at the number of onesies they had I think I may have under provisioned, we shall see!

39 Weeks or One Week Until Due Date or AKA The Long Wait

My due date is in 6 days time, it might as well be never never for all it has any meaning except as setting the backstop date for an induced labour.

I am now beginning to believe that I have been pregnant for ever and will be pregnant for ever more.  We saw a couple of very small babies being carried around the DIY shop today, they must have been delivered by storks because there is no way that this pregnancy thing actually can end in child birth.

So apart from feeling a little bit mad, I think I am ok, my heartburn is beginning to subside which is nice but the feeling of general uncomfortableness is increasing and I am becoming even less mobile or limber than before.   We’ve been taking advantage of the beautiful weather by sitting out in the garden reading books, having bbqs and generally enjoying the peace while we still have it.   I bought a couple of sun loungers back in April, I tested them out in back then and, could without too much difficulty get off them, now the only way I can reach standing is to roll off the lounger into a kneeling position on the grass and then haul myself up.   Elegant I aint.  Because of my huge if not ginormous belly I can no longer reach down to rub sunscreen into my legs properly so Simon had to do it for me and then wash my legs when I was in the bath. I don’t even bother to soap up my legs or feet when I’m in the shower I just aim the spray at my lower half, I’m too scared I’ll topple over if I was to bend down and I’m not trying any standing on one foot foolishness this late in the game.

I’m getting twinges everyday now as I said in my last post, I think the most annoying thing about them is the hope that they may actually be the real thing starting up and then the disappointment that they turn out not to be.

I think Tuesday would be a good day to have the baby as according to BBC weather forcast it’s going to be cold and miserable that day so a perfect day to be stuck indoors.

38 Week Midwife’s Appointment

I saw the midwife for my 38 week appointment yesterday.  The first thing she said to me was “You look fed up with it all” Which would be just about right I am fed up with it all.  However I shouldn’t complain because allowing for swollen ankles and feet, complaining back muscles and bitching acid reflux which I think we can set aside, I am very picture of maternal health.   My blood pressure is excellent, my urine is protein, blood and glucose free and according to some my coat is glossy and my nose damp.

Jnr appears to be in tip top position as well, he’s still kicking away like a junior Johnny Wilkinson, he’s measuring bang on for dates and is just about in the “starting blocks” for birth.  The head is still 3/5ths engaged which is a tad disappointing I was hoping that it might of sunk down a little lower, would have reduced the heartburn for one.

I’ve started to have painful “practice” contractions, they are very irregular I didn’t have any yesterday but I had two today and last Friday for about an hour I was beginning to think that I might be starting labour.  Today’s were about 8 hours apart and very different in nature the one in the morning lasted for about 5 minutes and felt like the whole of my stomach was being compressed and pushed down on.  The one I had this afternoon felt like a heavy period cramp but only lasted for a minute at the most.    With such variation and long gaps between them I don’t think I need get excited right now.

Simon took a calculated risk that we wouldn’t be otherwise engaged today and had a wisdom tooth removed and filling put in.  For the last few weeks he’s been in intermittent pain, sometimes he’s not been able to sleep because of his toothache, so about 2 weeks ago he took himself off to the dentist who said the wisdom tooth had to come out because it wasn’t doing anything useful and decaying and ooh lookey that other tooth needs a filling.

The tooth was removed under local anaesthetic and before that wore off the worst side effect was Simon’s igor impression but as the pain has come in, he’s become pretty down in the dumps.  He’s got my symathy, I’ve never had a tooth removed and I’ve only ever had one filling but I’ve suffered muchly with earache over the years so I know how miserable pain in that general area can be.  So perhaps it we don’t any baby turning up this weekend not if the Daddy is going to be a tiger with a sore jaw.

Boobie Squeezing

I had my hospital appointment today, it went well, far better than I had expected when I blogged the other day. My worries about the appointment started to disappear as I read the leaflet that the nurse had thrust into my hand when I made myself known to reception. It wasn’t all about cancers and other scary things.

After giving the consultant a potted history of the trials and tribulations of my right boobie and having it prodded and squidged for good measure the consultant was happy that, as it is now, it shouldn’t stop me from breastfeeding. However, he told me, there was no way to tell whether the cyst was in a milk duct or whether it was in the lower part of the skin, also there was nothing he could do right now to fix it.  Antibiotics were out because only one I could take didn’t work and removing the cyst by surgery would stop me from breast feeding.

Just in case it could through more light on the position and state of the cyst I had an ultrasound done on my nipple, which was fascinating because the milk ducts showed up as large black voids ready and waiting to do their stuff.  But the ultrasound didn’t show up anything cyst wise.

I’ve got to go back in six weeks so that the consultant can see how the cyst/abscess is behaving while I am breastfeeding but ultimately if I want it permanently fixed we are going to have to wait until after Jnr is weaned off the bosom.