29 and a half weeks

I had my 28 week midwife appointment last Wednesday, I know, I could have updated the blog sooner. Everything is tickety boo based on wee, blood pressure, squidging my tummy and a quick listen to the baby’s heartbeat. My blood results have gone missing apart from the one that says I’ve got O positive blood, but I’ve known that for years. It would have been nice to know exactly how tickety boo everything is. I don’t know if Jr is upside down or still vertical, I don’t know if I need to worry about that yet either, but I will remember to ask next time. The first thing the midwife did though was ask me how I was, I told her about the heartburn and about the pain in my pelvic region. She immediately offered to do something about both, I turned down the offer of medicine for the heartburn saying that gaviscon and milk seem to do the trick. I accepted the offer of a physio appointment though, as I am getting slower and slower at walking and it is becoming more and more painful. What doesn’t help my back and pelvis is the long commute into work, I’ve found that as the week go on, I get stiffer, more pained and for longer too, fortunately I stop work on the 27th never more to return I can’t wait. The next week I have my first anti natal class and then on the Friday my mum will be having an operation on her hand so she will be staying with us for about a fortnight as she won’t be able to use it. I’ve got a few ideas for things to do with her while she is here one of which includes getting the major baby stuff, a bit of gentle gardening and sitting on sofas reading books, nothing too major.


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