Not forgotten this blog

But I’ve sort of run out of energy at the moment. “Third Trimester Tiredness” kicked in early for me and I’ve felt pretty knackered for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Throw in an outer ear infection in my left ear (which is also my dodgy ear for inner ear infections) I’ve felt even less inclined to do anything constructive or useful. However I should mark down some milestones. Si first felt Jr’s kick on his birthday 12 Feb, which really made his day possibly even more than the Wii I bought him. We had the scan the week before and we now know what sort of baby he’s probably going to be, not one hundred percent sure as it’s based on the Sonographer pointed to a bunch of fuzzy pixels and saying “look there’s his little willy” but it’s better than 90% sure.

I first saw my tummy deform as he moved on the second Saturday after Si’s birthday.

I had bloods taken yesterday for my midwife’s appointment next week. I now have a miniature bruise on the crook of my arm from where the sticking plaster came away after a struggle. The actual needle puncture is almost impossible to see.

I’ve bought some more baby stuff, bottles for expressed milk, hopefully we will get him trained up on a bottle so that Simon can do a couple of feeds as well as me.  Muslin clothes for possets and making jam, and baby wipes and baby lotion so that the baby smells like babies should do – which is of Johnson’s baby lotion according to my nose.

Hopefully now I’ve pierced the skin of this blogging custard there will be more regular updates.




One thought on “Not forgotten this blog

  1. Wow, sounds like life is getting pretty darn exciting, with the exception of the tiredness. (I really remember that…got to be a quite professional napper.) Hang in there!

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