How Am I Supposed To Do That?

Lots of good advice gets thrown at you when you are pregnant especially about what position to lie in when going to bed.  First off – Don’t lie on your back – very good advice it is too for the later months what with the possible potential of fainting and that it is rather uncomfortable too.

Then there is the advice for dealing with particular ailments such as heartburn/indigestion/acid reflux – sleep with your head raised up, use pillows to prop yourself up at night. It helps stop the acid from flowing up so easily.

If the other end of your body is bothering you and you have feet and ankles the size of Tasmania then the best thing to do when going to bed is to raise your feet up so that they are above your heart, pillows are great for this as are a couple of bricks under that end of the bed to raise up the whole of the bed.

But what do you do when you are like me, suffering from heartburn, oedema and find it really uncomfortable to sleep on my back?  How exactly am I supposed to raise my head up and my feet above my heart whilst sleeping on my left side?  Since when did I have to be a contortionist?  Exactly how many pillows do I have to take to bed at night?  And where exactly is my husband supposed to sleep?


29 and a half weeks

I had my 28 week midwife appointment last Wednesday, I know, I could have updated the blog sooner. Everything is tickety boo based on wee, blood pressure, squidging my tummy and a quick listen to the baby’s heartbeat. My blood results have gone missing apart from the one that says I’ve got O positive blood, but I’ve known that for years. It would have been nice to know exactly how tickety boo everything is. I don’t know if Jr is upside down or still vertical, I don’t know if I need to worry about that yet either, but I will remember to ask next time. The first thing the midwife did though was ask me how I was, I told her about the heartburn and about the pain in my pelvic region. She immediately offered to do something about both, I turned down the offer of medicine for the heartburn saying that gaviscon and milk seem to do the trick. I accepted the offer of a physio appointment though, as I am getting slower and slower at walking and it is becoming more and more painful. What doesn’t help my back and pelvis is the long commute into work, I’ve found that as the week go on, I get stiffer, more pained and for longer too, fortunately I stop work on the 27th never more to return I can’t wait. The next week I have my first anti natal class and then on the Friday my mum will be having an operation on her hand so she will be staying with us for about a fortnight as she won’t be able to use it. I’ve got a few ideas for things to do with her while she is here one of which includes getting the major baby stuff, a bit of gentle gardening and sitting on sofas reading books, nothing too major.

29 weeks (actually 28 weeks according to the midwife)

It seems hard to believe that I am this pregnant. There is still a bit of me that can’t get over the belief that I never would have a child ( due to lack of opportunity) so this does feel rather freaky still.

I am going to Bristol tomorrow it will be my last away trip with work ever as I leave the civil service at the end of the month on ERS. I will be doing the driving which will be fun for a given value of fun but a better option than getting across London with bags, a back that doesn’t like me standing and a rapidly expanding tummy.

The pregnancy books all recommend staying away from spicy food, pop, chocolate, coffee and alcohol if you are suffering from heartburn. Which would basically mean living on a diet that would make the remaining 11 weeks seem like 11 years so bollocks to that frankly. I love spicy food and millions of pregnant women over the world eat it on a daily basis so why shouldn’t I? also I seem to get heartburn no matter what I eat so finding a decent remedy has been more important. Gaviscon and milk seem to work the best and the milk has the added advantage of strengthening my bones and teeth against the calcium theft that Jr is indulging in at the moment. The milk also makes the little one kick about so I think he approves.

I have been reading some of the on line guides for fathers to be. They all seem to assume that the men reading them are beer swilling, football obsessed, curry monsters who want their sons to be into sport and expect their daughters to be into dollies and shopping. Most depressing and probably more than a little off putting for the men reading them, if they are like most of the chaps I know, a little bit more rounded than the stereotype even if they do like rugby and curry and beer. For the record I’ve been to more rugby matches than Simon (between one and none) including one at Twickerham.

Not forgotten this blog

But I’ve sort of run out of energy at the moment. “Third Trimester Tiredness” kicked in early for me and I’ve felt pretty knackered for the last 3 or 4 weeks. Throw in an outer ear infection in my left ear (which is also my dodgy ear for inner ear infections) I’ve felt even less inclined to do anything constructive or useful. However I should mark down some milestones. Si first felt Jr’s kick on his birthday 12 Feb, which really made his day possibly even more than the Wii I bought him. We had the scan the week before and we now know what sort of baby he’s probably going to be, not one hundred percent sure as it’s based on the Sonographer pointed to a bunch of fuzzy pixels and saying “look there’s his little willy” but it’s better than 90% sure.

I first saw my tummy deform as he moved on the second Saturday after Si’s birthday.

I had bloods taken yesterday for my midwife’s appointment next week. I now have a miniature bruise on the crook of my arm from where the sticking plaster came away after a struggle. The actual needle puncture is almost impossible to see.

I’ve bought some more baby stuff, bottles for expressed milk, hopefully we will get him trained up on a bottle so that Simon can do a couple of feeds as well as me.  Muslin clothes for possets and making jam, and baby wipes and baby lotion so that the baby smells like babies should do – which is of Johnson’s baby lotion according to my nose.

Hopefully now I’ve pierced the skin of this blogging custard there will be more regular updates.