22 Weeks and a Bit

We’ve had a very busy weekend, looking for a house to rent before Jr arrives.   Fortunately the first house we saw we wanted, so the real business was involved in calculating whether we could actually afford it.  Which we could so first thing on Monday Simon was in touch with the agents to say “Yes” if all the reference stuff goes through quickly we could move in this weekend.

Back with the baby news – the kicks are getting stronger if not yet uncomfy and I can feel them more often, they make me laugh sometimes, Jr must think that the world giggles on an interactive basis.   My backache has disappeared, hopefully never to return.  But the acid reflux has made a return normally just as I get into work and by the time I get home, I don’t think it is the hour’s drive that’s doing it just a co-incidence.  Killing two birds with one stone, I’m drinking lots of milk to help neutralise the acid and keep my bones and teeth brimming with calcium.

Have you noticed that the pregnancy and baby magazines are mostly adverts surrounded by a little journalism, which is often just rehashing the latest release from the NHS or latest PR puffery from the baby food manufacturers.  Simon, not having read many of these mags before was quite really struck with the lack of actual original writing.

One of the things the magazines recommend is to talk to your bump, I can’t I find myself feeling too unnatural and silly. I find myself thinking to the baby, but I doubt that counts.  I can’t sing at it either, specially not nursery rhymes and there is no bloody way I’m going to listen to a nursery rhyme CD in the car during my commute.  I value my time as an adult too much, so it may be we have to play tapes of Nicky Campbell, James Naughtie or Eddie Mair to the baby to get s/he to sleep, it is also very possible that Jr will start speaking with a Scottish accent.


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