21 week scan

I had my 21 week scan today, I’ve not got a picture to show you I’m afraid, as Junior was being non co-operate and was most definitely not presenting his or her best side to the ultrasound. Because the baby was lying in an awkward position the ultrasound operator was not able to get all the measurements she wanted so I have to go back in 2 weeks time for another go at it.

The operator tried to get Jr to move into a more “photogenic” position, first she made me lie on my right side then on my left, finally she had me lie flat again. She raised the foot end of the bed I was on by about 10 degrees which did feel odd and even with all this maternal movement it still didn’t make the baby turn over though it did wiggle its head.

What she did measure was good.

The placenta has attached itself up high in my womb and Junior is on the button measurement wise for dates.
The cranial measurements were good.
The spine looked good too.
Junior seems to have the right number of limbs and the bones looked alright.

We saw the baby wave its arms about like a good un and the hands moves and the toes, Simon says basically my child was doing an impression of me and refusing to turn over when prodded.
The heart was beating but she couldn’t do all the measurements she wanted on it, as the spine was in the way. Because of the spine it wasn’t possible to do all the giblets and puddings measurements but we could see its little stomach which seems to be in the right place. She did a quick doppler on the kidney region we could see the renal vein (? I can’t remember if it a vein or an aorta) split into two.

She couldn’t get all the measurements she wanted on the face because of the baby’s position. But to us everything looked tickety boo.

We don’t know what sex Junior is yet because the way the legs were folded up over the vital area, so operator couldn’t get a good look at the feet which means we can’t rule out a club foot yet, and she said they like to get a measurement when the leg is stretched out.

I am a bit disappointed that we couldn’t be done and dusted with that scan but I am not worried because if she had seen something wrong she would have told us and they would have scheduled a repeat scan within a few days with an obstetrician in attendance, not wait two weeks to see how it goes. So I would all in all mostly good.


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