19 and 20 Weeks

I didn’t forget to blog I’ve just been so busy that I’ve not had the energy to sit down and do it.  We’ve been working hard to get my flat ready for the tenant who is moving in on Wednesday, clearing a long list of things off a to do list that kept on growing.  I know that my extreme tiredness has passed as I would not have been able to do what I’ve managed over the past fortnight.  Admittedly I have needed a daily afternoon nap until very recently and I have felt bone tired at work but my stamina seems to have returned even if I don’t feel particularly full of energy.

Other changes over the last two weeks I guess we can say that my tum is now the most sticky out thing about my profile even when I remember to pull my bum in and stand tall it’s time to admit that my boobs have lost their valiant fight to overshadow everything else.   I’ve also found that I’m getting back ache in the very small of my back I think it could be sciatica I will have to ask the midwife next week.

I’ve still not felt Jr move,  well a couple of times I could have sworn that I felt something but they were one offs and everything I’ve read says that once you’ve felt your baby move you always feel the movements.  I’m not worried about it but I am beginning to feel a little disappointed.  Mind you when I am sure that in a month’s time I’ll be wishing that Junior wouldn’t kick so much when I’m trying to sleep.

I’m getting better at getting people to do things for me that I can’t do myself like lifting and carrying.  I’m polite but I’ve managed to stop sounding quite so pathetically grateful.  I do feel it’s a bit of a let down that I can’t hoick things about like I used to, and it’s come on so suddenly as well but it is only temporary.  The Next  Spring Summer Catalogue arrived today, it is so heavy, yet a few months ago I wouldn’t have even noticed the weight.  Next do have some nice maternity wear but I am still slightly underwhelmed at what is available.  Considering that I was a goth and most of my wardrobe is still black or dark coloured I’ve fed up with the very limited palette of colours available to me.   But even if the colours have all been a bit drab this winter at least I have a choice in maternity wear and don’t have to wear anything as awful as some of this stuff.   It is easy to mock these dresses but in their haste to be “modest” they’ve confused the concept with ill fitting and look gargantuan rather than pregnant.  I do not see why even roughly delineating the curves of the bump should be considered vulgar, but then again I don’t consider sex and the human body to be something dirty and to be hidden away.


2 thoughts on “19 and 20 Weeks

  1. Oooh I have a lot better options, not being one to dress in tents for Jesus I’ve found some nice clothes from Crave, Blooming Marvellous, Next and Mothercare. The only thing that seems to be lacking are decent long maternity skirts, I don’t always want to wear jeans and I like long skirts but there seems to be hardly anything out there.

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