18 Weeks

Or 19 weeks according to Mothercare.   Still not felt Junior but as I am still not expecting to this is no biggie for me.   The nausea has all but disappeared very strong scents and nasty smells still have the power to make me feel queasy but I can now wander down the deli isle in the supermarket without feeling I have to leave rapidly.

I’m also finding that I am less tired I don’t tend to wake up shattered like I once did, assuming I got a good nights sleep which is another matter altogether.  However I do find that I tire out very easily, on the Tuesday before Christmas I did the “big shop” for all the stuff we hadn’t bought before, I was knackered before I was half way round.  My recovery time from tiredness is still very slow.  Christmas day I was fine but boxing day I was ready for my bed again before the day had even begun.

I read somewhere that nails grow faster and stronger during pregnancy.  I’m not sure if I’ve got any empirical evidence for that and mine are still quite brittle but when they break they leave sharp jagged edges behind which is new,  I’ve got a couple of nasty scratches on me where I must have caught myself in my sleep.   I now carry a nail file at all times.


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