Shopping Again

We went into town on Sunday to pick up a few more things for Christmas and a few more pregnancy things for me and Jr.  We popped into Woolworth’s for the last time and I got a white fleece jacket age 6-9 month for £5, an universal pram/buggy parasol/umbrella for £4.60 and some baby food tubs for £1.50.

Maternity jeans just don’t want to stay up I’ve got a pair that go over the bump and I’ve tightened the elastic a lot so that it clings to my high rise waist but still the weight of the jeans material means that they start slipping down as soon as they can.    As my jeans have a belt loop we popped into Evans so that I could get a belt that would go round me under the bump, the belt does, it looks good, it’s not stopping the jeans from slipping.  At least the jeans aren’t falling down completely unlike the under-the-bump pair I own.

I’ve also expanded out of my regular nightwear so off to Mothercare to get a maternity nightie or two.  They are pratical but complete passion killers, Si was not impressed but hey he knows my size and how to navigate a website.

Books have been my downfall I’ve really got the breaking strain of a damp kit kat when stood in front of the maternity/motherhood section of any bookshop.   This week’s expensive and heavy purchase was What To Expect The First Year I’ve not finished it yet so I won’t give a review just yet but I’ve found it to be very good so far, even if its American origins are sometimes very obvious.    Oh and I bought Prima’s pregnancy magazine and got a free book about getting your baby to sleep which is fantastic but more on that tomorrow as I need to get to bed.


2 thoughts on “Shopping Again

  1. Hi Jane. Just found you here. I remember well the jeans slippage problem and for me it never got any better EXCEPT for this wonderful (and comfy) contraption called the Bella Band, which made my pre-preg pants wearable longer (like into my 5th month), and helped keep the preg pants in place. Not sure if you can find it in the UK, but thank god for the internet.

    Anyway, congrats on Jr, and sorry for the unsolicited advice!

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