17 Weeks

I’m now seventeen weeks pregnant, I’m still feeling tired although not as badly as before, I now have periods where I feel quite bright and ready for anything but they aren’t long periods but at least they are there.  The morning sickness is subsiding although some smells still make me want to heave and my taste buds have not returned to normal yet.  I managed to cook dinner tonight the first meal I’ve cooked in simply ages.   I don’t think I’ll be dominating the kitchen come Thursday but hopefully I’ll be able to help out.

The books say that by now I might be experiencing an increase in secretions from practically everywhere.   I don’t feel any more sweaty than I did before I was pregnant, which means I don’t feel particularly sweaty at all.  Nasally, I can’t say that my nose is dripping but it does feel a bit blocked up but then again its felt like that for the last three months and I’ve had a sore throat practically since day 1 so I can’t say that there is really any change there.   And down below… actually no real great change which is nice.

My hair doesn’t  seem to have bloomed yet, it seems to get less greasy but I’ve not noticed any other change.  It’s always been fabulous hair; lots of it, thick and with great shine so I don’t think there will be a huge change.   I’m still spotty though, I had hoped that I would get the marvellous skin as well but that seems to not happened, although my forehead has been feeling less scaly than it has been it’s still not back to normal.

I haven’t felt Jr yet but I’m not expecting to just yet.  But still it doesn’t stop me from concentrating deeply whenever I feel a tummy grumble come on.


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