Second Midwife’s Appointment

Last night I did some more painting in the flat, what with trying to bend down to the ground and the fumes from the paint I began to feel a little bit sick after a while, so I managed to get about an hour and twenty minutes done.  Not a huge amount of time but I did get the fire place and the closet door done with a first coat.  I think I probably stopped at the right time because as I walked round Waitrose afterwards picking up some stuff for my dinner that night, as I was going to stay at Mum’s house I could feel myself stiffening up.  By the time I got to Buckden I was feeling very sore and achy, a long hot shower didn’t help either.  Although I missed Simon stopping at Mum’s was the right thing to do, I would not have been safe driving home seeing how tired and stiff I was.

So this morning I felt a lot better, if tired had a nice short drive into work in daylight as well for a change and just to make it extra special I had a half day as I had a Christmas lunch.  I declined the several, kind offer of wine on the basis that I didn’t think the midwife would be impressed if I turned up with wine breath.

When I got to the doctor’s the waiting room was full of pregnant women at different stages of largeness all clutching their medical notes.  It was then I remembered that mine were languishing in my “pregnancy box”  Ack well I don’t think it mattered too much.

I saw the same midwife as I did the first time, she is very nice, reassuring and just a bit older than me, also really great is that she had a baby when she was the same age as me.  I had my blood pressure taken, still very good, she confirmed that my bloods were good, but I already knew that  and checked my urine sample which was also tickity boo.  Then I had to lie down on the examination bed in order to have my tummy felt.  It didn’t hurt, I don’t know why but I had expected it to so.  She felt for the fundus and then measured the length, she didn’t tell me how long but said “Good everything is where it should be”.  Next she got the sonicaid (fancy electronic doppler stethoscope if you ask me) to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  It took a bit of searching for as Junior is still very small and my goodness my innards are noisy but in less than a minute we could hear the quick swoosh swoosh of  Jr’s heart.


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