18 Weeks

Or 19 weeks according to Mothercare.   Still not felt Junior but as I am still not expecting to this is no biggie for me.   The nausea has all but disappeared very strong scents and nasty smells still have the power to make me feel queasy but I can now wander down the deli isle in the supermarket without feeling I have to leave rapidly.

I’m also finding that I am less tired I don’t tend to wake up shattered like I once did, assuming I got a good nights sleep which is another matter altogether.  However I do find that I tire out very easily, on the Tuesday before Christmas I did the “big shop” for all the stuff we hadn’t bought before, I was knackered before I was half way round.  My recovery time from tiredness is still very slow.  Christmas day I was fine but boxing day I was ready for my bed again before the day had even begun.

I read somewhere that nails grow faster and stronger during pregnancy.  I’m not sure if I’ve got any empirical evidence for that and mine are still quite brittle but when they break they leave sharp jagged edges behind which is new,  I’ve got a couple of nasty scratches on me where I must have caught myself in my sleep.   I now carry a nail file at all times.


Happy Christmas

I hope that everyone is having a lovely Yuletime and that you got the presents you wanted.  My own personal Father Christmas was very kind to me in the shape of a 32gig Ipod Touch and an electric breast pump.   Which just goes to show romance is definitely not dead it just gets very practical at times.

Shopping Again

We went into town on Sunday to pick up a few more things for Christmas and a few more pregnancy things for me and Jr.  We popped into Woolworth’s for the last time and I got a white fleece jacket age 6-9 month for £5, an universal pram/buggy parasol/umbrella for £4.60 and some baby food tubs for £1.50.

Maternity jeans just don’t want to stay up I’ve got a pair that go over the bump and I’ve tightened the elastic a lot so that it clings to my high rise waist but still the weight of the jeans material means that they start slipping down as soon as they can.    As my jeans have a belt loop we popped into Evans so that I could get a belt that would go round me under the bump, the belt does, it looks good, it’s not stopping the jeans from slipping.  At least the jeans aren’t falling down completely unlike the under-the-bump pair I own.

I’ve also expanded out of my regular nightwear so off to Mothercare to get a maternity nightie or two.  They are pratical but complete passion killers, Si was not impressed but hey he knows my size and how to navigate a website.

Books have been my downfall I’ve really got the breaking strain of a damp kit kat when stood in front of the maternity/motherhood section of any bookshop.   This week’s expensive and heavy purchase was What To Expect The First Year I’ve not finished it yet so I won’t give a review just yet but I’ve found it to be very good so far, even if its American origins are sometimes very obvious.    Oh and I bought Prima’s pregnancy magazine and got a free book about getting your baby to sleep which is fantastic but more on that tomorrow as I need to get to bed.

17 Weeks

I’m now seventeen weeks pregnant, I’m still feeling tired although not as badly as before, I now have periods where I feel quite bright and ready for anything but they aren’t long periods but at least they are there.  The morning sickness is subsiding although some smells still make me want to heave and my taste buds have not returned to normal yet.  I managed to cook dinner tonight the first meal I’ve cooked in simply ages.   I don’t think I’ll be dominating the kitchen come Thursday but hopefully I’ll be able to help out.

The books say that by now I might be experiencing an increase in secretions from practically everywhere.   I don’t feel any more sweaty than I did before I was pregnant, which means I don’t feel particularly sweaty at all.  Nasally, I can’t say that my nose is dripping but it does feel a bit blocked up but then again its felt like that for the last three months and I’ve had a sore throat practically since day 1 so I can’t say that there is really any change there.   And down below… actually no real great change which is nice.

My hair doesn’t  seem to have bloomed yet, it seems to get less greasy but I’ve not noticed any other change.  It’s always been fabulous hair; lots of it, thick and with great shine so I don’t think there will be a huge change.   I’m still spotty though, I had hoped that I would get the marvellous skin as well but that seems to not happened, although my forehead has been feeling less scaly than it has been it’s still not back to normal.

I haven’t felt Jr yet but I’m not expecting to just yet.  But still it doesn’t stop me from concentrating deeply whenever I feel a tummy grumble come on.

Second Midwife’s Appointment

Last night I did some more painting in the flat, what with trying to bend down to the ground and the fumes from the paint I began to feel a little bit sick after a while, so I managed to get about an hour and twenty minutes done.  Not a huge amount of time but I did get the fire place and the closet door done with a first coat.  I think I probably stopped at the right time because as I walked round Waitrose afterwards picking up some stuff for my dinner that night, as I was going to stay at Mum’s house I could feel myself stiffening up.  By the time I got to Buckden I was feeling very sore and achy, a long hot shower didn’t help either.  Although I missed Simon stopping at Mum’s was the right thing to do, I would not have been safe driving home seeing how tired and stiff I was.

So this morning I felt a lot better, if tired had a nice short drive into work in daylight as well for a change and just to make it extra special I had a half day as I had a Christmas lunch.  I declined the several, kind offer of wine on the basis that I didn’t think the midwife would be impressed if I turned up with wine breath.

When I got to the doctor’s the waiting room was full of pregnant women at different stages of largeness all clutching their medical notes.  It was then I remembered that mine were languishing in my “pregnancy box”  Ack well I don’t think it mattered too much.

I saw the same midwife as I did the first time, she is very nice, reassuring and just a bit older than me, also really great is that she had a baby when she was the same age as me.  I had my blood pressure taken, still very good, she confirmed that my bloods were good, but I already knew that  and checked my urine sample which was also tickity boo.  Then I had to lie down on the examination bed in order to have my tummy felt.  It didn’t hurt, I don’t know why but I had expected it to so.  She felt for the fundus and then measured the length, she didn’t tell me how long but said “Good everything is where it should be”.  Next she got the sonicaid (fancy electronic doppler stethoscope if you ask me) to listen to the baby’s heartbeat.  It took a bit of searching for as Junior is still very small and my goodness my innards are noisy but in less than a minute we could hear the quick swoosh swoosh of  Jr’s heart.