Second Scan

My first scan only showed the yolk sac as Junior was too small, it had been a long ten days wait until today when they would be able to see whether we had a proper pregnancy on our hands.

8 weeks 2 days

8 weeks 2 days

When the ultrasound nurse turned the screen round to show me I burst into tears I think I may have screamed as well.  The nurse had to wait until I had settled down before continuing as my tummy was jiggling so much.  I’m glad to say that junior is a singleton, even though I had been teasing Simon I was hoping myself that it wouldn’t be twins.  Junior was 16.6mm long, the picture didn’t do him/her any justice as the noise is more noticeable that it was on the screen with a moving image it seemed a lot clearer.  The EPAU gave us a print for free which was nice I had been half expecting to pay.

It didn’t take very long but we had to wait afterwards in order to see the Sister.   She was very pleased with how I was progressing and signed me off from their care and into the tender hands of the regular antinatal team next door.

I went into work and starting telling people, it was a relief not to have to lie about why I was so obviously tired, a few of my colleagues were convinced that I was suffering from stress and kept trying to persuade me to go to the doctor’s and get myself signed off.  It was also good to tell people as it was becoming the worst kept secret at work, what with Ady asking me in the corridor about what I would for maternity leave and my boss not realising who does and doesn’t  know.   It was such a relief to get the news out there.


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