Up to the 19th of September

I still feel ill.

I’ve spent most of my time delicately draped across on one of the sofas like the sickly heroine of one of the more bathetic Victorian novels.  I don’t feel up to doing any thing more exciting that watching reruns on the telly, I don’t feel like playing WoW properly I go on line to check on my auctions but that’s about all.  I put it down to feeling poorly and pre Wrath ennui

I felt decidedly better on Monday morning so it was off to work I went with, if not with a “HiHo” and a merry tune on my lips, but feeling ready for another day at work.

I walked from the car park into the office with a colleague – in that distance my voice started to sound like a teenage boy’s just before it start to break and I began to feel my chest tightening up. By the time I got into the office I was beginning to squeak like a bat whisperer.

So they sent me home.

Tuesday – off work

Wednesday – off work and I think my period has begun, very lightly though but I’ve had that before, a couple of days of very light flow then the full works.  My boobs feel tender too but I’ve also had that before many a time so I ignore it.

Thursday – off work – began to feel better

Friday – today I wake up feeling that if I don’t talk too much I’ll be fine. I get into work, feel awful, squeak like a bat to my boss, promptly burst into tears for no better reason than I don’t feel well, get sent home again.

I seem to be ok if I do diddly squat, if I do anything for too long – talking, driving to work (remember it’s an hour drive for me), trying to concentrate – it takes it out of me I feel weak and feeble and just want to rest.  My period hasn’t got beyond the spotting stage but I still think nothing of it.


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