Early September

We took the first week of September off, we had intended to bimble about Norfolk and visit the shops but the weather was miserable and we didn’t really want to spend any money.  The second week of September I was back at work round about the 10th I started feeling ill at work, with a very sore throat, a temperature and feeling tired.  I decided to take a lemsip to see if it made me feel better but it didn’t – that’s the first time ever that a lemsip hasn’t worked its hot, lemony aspirin magic.  I decide to go home at lunchtime as I was obviously getting worse.  Thursday and Friday I feel no better, sore sore throat and a painful chest, my voice disappears to a squeak if I speak for longer than a few minutes.  I’ve spent most of my time dozing on the sofa watching re-runs of Quincy.


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